So What is MicroSeal And How Does it Work?

The Formula

The Formula was originally developed many years ago by researchers in London, to imitate the natural protection of sheep’s wool. Just like Coca-Cola, a deliberate decision was made to keep the MicroSeal formula a Trade Secret, rather than file a patent that could be partially copied or obtained upon its expiration. This unique formula requires a perfect blend and balance of high-grade raw ingredients combined with a trained and practised manufacturing process that would be nearly impossible to reverse engineer.

Internationally recognised companies have unsuccessfully thrown millions of dollars and decades of research in an effort to produce a fabric protection that is effective and yet is not hazardous to the environment. Today the MicroSeal Secret Formula is created in a state of the art, Carbon-Free, USA facility. The formula is California VOC compliant, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Independently tested and proven to be a superior stain and sun fade resistant product (by nearly 100%) and dramatically increasing the life of all natural AND synthetic fibres… Thus increasing the life cycle of interiors and further reducing the environmental footprint…

MicroSeal’s biodegradable Trade Secret Formula is created without Fluorochemicals, Fluoropolymers, Fluorocarbons, PFOS, PFOA or PTFE Resins (non-stick). The EPA, World News Reports and other Watch Dog Agencies cite these ingredients as serious Public Health Hazards. The EPA has given MicroSeal’s base carrier ingredient a “GRAS” rating “Generally Recognized as Safe”. The medical and science fields have given MicroSeal’s base protectant ingredient a safe rating also. MicroSeal’s proprietary formula is California VOC compliant (the strictest environmental protection standard in the United States) and formulated in a carbon free manufacturing facility

How it Works

When wool fibre is sheared from the animal, the natural protection is no longer produced, subjecting it to faster deterioration (wear) and permanent staining.

MicroSeal was specifically and expressly designed in the UK many years ago to permanently replenish the natural protective agent that a sheep produces for its own coat. In addition, to wear and stain protection, MicroSeal provides substantial sun fade resistance for the wool. Just as exciting, silk blend rugs can now be protected from sun degradation.

Every day soil is naturally absorbed into the centre of the wool fibre, hiding the dirt from the naked eye. Often consumers don’t realise their rug is dirty because they can’t see it. Unlike a typical fabric protector that only “coats” the fibre and then breaks up easily, MicroSeal actually penetrates the wool fibre to its inner cortex and protects it from the inside out. Not only from permanent stains and wear but also from sun fade damage (nearly 100% on most fabrics according to 25 years of field and laboratory testing).