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And thank you for your interest in MicroSeal Permanent fabric Protection, by now you will have realised how unique this product is and most importantly how it is going to help you and your client.

Being able to reduce or eliminate UV sun fading on beautiful silk curtains and similar delicate fabrics alone could make the final decision easier for you and your client.

No other fabric protector can claim or produce Independent Laboratory Test Reports for UV protection.

If you have used a protective “coater” in the past, you really should read our “What’s Different?” page that shows you that MicroSeal is environmentally safe and contains No Fluorochemicals or PTFE ingredients. MicroSeal’s trade secret formula has an Environmental Protection Agency rating of GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) and is non-toxic, non-allergenic and biodegradable.

MicroSeal helps to stop spills becoming stains and will not wear off after many professional cleans.

It will even help fabrics last longer because MicroSeal is a penetrator not a coater and this in turn slows down the wear and abrasion so fabrics and carpets will last up to 60% longer!

See How it Work’s.

For your client’s piece of mind, MicroSeal Permanent Stain and Sun Fade protection includes a first class, Life-time Service Warranty. Twenty five years protecting Aerospace Industry giants and worldwide independent laboratory tests back all our performance claims.

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Interior Designer Testimonials


“Micro Seal has been a phenomenal product for our clients, our own homes and even our cars! TJ Chamberlain is extremely professional with all of my clients and explains the way to properly care for their new furniture pieces, rugs and pillows that have been cared for with MicroSeal. I really am grateful for this wonderful product because it doesn’t change the hand of the fabric or material, but protects it from all kinds of stains and UV fading. TJ is very flexible and willing to go to my client’s house or the furniture warehouse to apply the MicroSeal, which really helps with scheduling deliveries. I highly recommend this product to all designers and clients.”

 Andrea Bruley, ASID, Addison Bruley, LLC – A Design Firm

“I recommend only the best…MicroSeal.”

 Jonathan Quinn Barnett of JQBLTD


“I’ve known Lance LaShelle from MicroSeal for more than 12 years. Lance is always very prompt and professional, going the extra mile to take care of my clients with his wonderful product. He and MicroSeal are an excellent resource to my company.”

 Blaise Bouchand, Maison de France The Art of French Living

“MicroSeal is an amazing product that we have both used in our office and recommended to our clients. At a recent holiday party, we put MicroSeal to the test when a tray of lasagna spilt down our new, custom made, white linen slipcovers. To our surprise, the lasagna wiped off the slipcover with no trace that it ever happened. MicroSeal saved the day! Not only is this product practical, but it is fast and very affordable. From rugs to fabric to furniture, to even clothing, MicroSeal is a lifesaver!”

 Lisa Rachelle McDennon, LRM Interior Designesign